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Official ADVAN Circulation figures
What the Newspaper say they circulation figures are.
Head Office - location
34 264
130 000
25 865
125 000
25 632
120 000
25 241
120 000
25 222
110 000
21 703
100 000
11 672
90 000
80 00
Top Nigerian Newspapers
Nigerian newspaper publishers state that the method used by ADVAN to verify circulation data was wrong because of the following;

- Subscriptions were not taken into account
- ADVAN is accused of not engaging the Nigerian newspaper publishers when conducting the research
Whatever the truth of the matter is; there is no doubt that difference between the ADVAN figures and the Nigerian newspaper publisher figures is too great to ignore.

Understanding the difference between ADVAN and newspaper publishers
So how do you explain this disparity. Maybe as suggested by newspaper publishers the answer lays in the figure of subscriptions. Total newspaper circulation has an element of subscriptions; but to determine the actual figures is elusive like trying to find snow in Port Harcourt.

There is no denying that it is hard to believe that the combined circulation of the top 8 Nigerian Newspapers is less than 180 000!  That is 0.10% of the nation! Come on ADVAN, you can not be serious. Most Nigerians would challenge ADVAN, from a purely logical point of view one can not help but question the data from ADVAN. So to get input from Nigerian newspapers, we will be making a consented effort over the next few months to contact Nigerian newspaper publishers/editors of interviews regarding the current state of affairs regarding print media and the challenges it faces and of course we will no doubt ask the million dollar question - regarding circulation.  

So why sort out the Nigerian circulation issue?
There are two reasons why there is a need for cooperation and mutual respect between ADVAN and the Nigerian newspaper publishers. Firstly the role that each plays in oiling the wheels of commerce in Nigeria is pivotal; secondly democracy is kept alive by all the newspapers in Nigeria, over the years the newspapers have asked brave and difficult questions and that role can not be over emphasised. Newspapers in Nigeria in the past have exposed double dealing politicians, churches leaders caught with their pants down and celebrities who have misused their influence. For this we applaud all the brave people who work behind the scenes sometimes in life threatening situations to bring us the true state of affairs.

So what part do you play?
And the role of all Nigerians and those that love Nigeria is clear; vote with your wallet! Subscribe to your favourite Nigerian newspaper, advertise in your favourite Nigerian national and/or local newspaper; these two acts will ensure the long term survival of the newspaper industry in Nigeria, which in turn facilitates democracy. So your individual actions have far reaching consequences and that is a great thing.

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